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Trade/Off is a simple top-down shooter about the trade off between balancing ammo and HP to survive small levels.

The game was built for the Gamemaker's Toolkit 48 hour Game Jam around the theme of "dual purpose design".  We missed the original deadline, so this is a slighlty more polished version I've been tweaking since then.

You can left click to shoot a simple shot that does 1 damage, or hold down left click to charge your shot and do 3 damage, but you'll move slower while charging.

The only way to regain bullets is to stop shooting and let your bullets auto-refill, and the only way to regain HP is to stop moving and let your HP auto-refill. If you stop moving and your HP is already full, it will slowly build an (invisible) meter toward raising your max bullet cap. If you are out of bullets, you can continue shooting at the cost of 1 HP per shot.

Created by Joshua McCrary (@joshdangit) and Jacob McCrary (@studio_giblets).

Music: "Cascade" by Kubbi, "Double the Bit"s by TeknoAXE


TradeOff v1-3.zip 7 MB

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